Introducing Monkey Bone Racing!

Our up and coming company specializes in providing custom aftermarket solutions for your vehicles, that are not readily available anywhere else.
Monkey Bone Racing was founded in 2008 shortly after the owner had purchased a 2008 Subaru STI. After purchasing some gauges for the car, he realized there were no current pod solutions for this new body style and not many clean locations to mount them. He decided to tackle the problem first-hand as he began drawing up ideas, testing materials and engineering prototypes. After months of design MBR was born and we have manufactured "The First Official Gauge Pod Solution" for the 2008+ Subaru Impreza GR Line. We tested the product out in our shop car for a few months attending shows, meets, and teaming up with other vendors to represent MBR and it was a hit right off the bat. MBR Vent Pod Solutions can be found all over the world.
We are continually working to develop new products to add to our lineup. Soon Monkey Bone Racing will feature a multitude of products for a variety of vehicles and custom made to order services to meet all of your aftermarket needs! Thank you and we look forward to making Monkey Bone Racing a household name in the automotive industry.

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